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2020 Fellowship

Regrettably with the current evolving global health and economic crisis, you will have rightly assumed the launch event for the 2020 AGA-Goethe Institut Fellowship has been cancelled.

Aber die Show muss noch weitergehen!

However, the good news is that the AGA and the Goethe Institut will still convene the 2020 AGA-Goethe Institut Fellowship. The program will have the following flexibility to account for the current crisis.

  1. Interviews will be conducted by video conference;

  2. The award winner will not be required to undertake their project before the end of 2020 if it is not possible to do so. Whilst applicants should plan for 2020, there will be flexibility for the conduct of the project in 2021.

The amount of the award (cash component) has been increased to $8,000 in addition to air travel and the Goethe Institut’s language and cultural course component in Germany.

More information to come.

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