Fellowship Past Winners


Fellowship Winner

Research Topic

2020 Tevvi Bullock Civil Society Organisations and Gender-Responsive Climate Change Action: Enhancing Intercontinental Leadership and Collaboration between Australia and Germany.
2019 Dominic Dall’osto Neuroscience-inspired Navigation for Robots.
2018 Melissa Soh My home is wider than my walls: mapping the decisions made in the mixed-use housing cooperative Spreefeld to fnd how the public realm outcomes are achieved.
2017 Maria Roitman
Maria studied neuroscience and languages at the University of Melbourne, obtaining first-class honours in a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Diploma in Languages.
Australian-German collaboration in translational neuroscience of stress.
2016 Fellowship 1: Kirsten Aaskov
Kirsten has degrees in Laws, Arts and International affairs and is currently a solicitor with the Office of Public Prosecutions in Melbourne.
Positive encounters between people seeking asylum in Germany and their new communities.
2016 Fellowship 2: Rebecca Hyland
Rebecca has a degree in Arts, majoring in politics, international studies and German.
Education-Related Integration Initiatives in Germany – What Can They Learn From Australia’s History of Integration Initiatives and Multiculturalism?

Final paper was not submitted
(as at 22 November 2018).

2015 Fellowship 1: Hilary Howes
Hilary has degrees in Arts, Science and History and was a post-doctoral fellow at the ANU in 2015.
The provenance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestral remains currently held in the collections of the “Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte” (Berlin Society for Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory).
2015 Fellowship 2: Ashwyn Perera
Ash has a degree in Neuroscience and was a research assistant at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in 2015.
Collaborative Australian-German investigations in neuroscience to understand complex brain diseases.
2014 Jessica Wood
In 2014 Jesscia completed her degree in interior design at RMIT in Melbourne.
Design Activismus
The German culture of empowering communities and enriching public space at street level through design, participation and discussion.
2013 Benjamin Leske
In 2013 Ben Leske was a freelance community choir facilitator and music director, based in Melbourne, and also a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne.
Community Choral Singing in Germany
Community choirs and their role in the empowerment of marginalised communities in Germany and Australia
2012 Caitlin Hall
In 2012, Caitlin was a Marketing, Communications & Publicity Professional, Freelance Script Supervisor, Assistant Director and Film Production Assistant working in South Australia.
Looking at The Lives of Others:
How the German film industry transformed its domestic box office fortunes.
2011 Kylie Birch Responding to changing economic and cultural contexts: the transformation of post-industrial sites in Germany
2010 Isolde Lueckenhausen Girls’ Day in Germany: an Australian perspective
2009 Jennifer Millar Public Nanotechnology Communication in Germany
2008 Hannah McPherson The Australian botanical collections of 19th Century German naturalist Amalie Dietrich
2007 Alice Keath Classical Music Broadcasting in Germany
2006 Cameron Stevens
– Cameron has a Master of Teaching and in 2006 worked as a drama coach
German Children’s Radio Programming – A model for establishing a multicultural children’s radio program in Australia
2005 Sam Einfeld
– In 2005 Sam was a lawyer at Minter Ellison, Sydney
Review of German political parties at grass roots level
2004 Aurelia Stevens
– In 2004 Aurelia was a member of Queensland Police Service, Brisbane
Law enforcement in Germany particularly with respect to organised crime
2003 Sonja Lee
– In 2003 Sonja was an analyst at The Boston Consulting Group, Sydney
B2B technology in the German Automotive OEM market
2002 Siobhan Maiden
– In 2002 Siobhan was a film maker and teacher of drama/language in Melbourne
Documentary films and film making in Germany
2001 Michael Davis Role of the public intellectual
2000 Andrew Hurley
– In 2000 Andrew was an environmental lawyer at Deacons
German environment law and German Jazz of 1960’s
1999 Peter Tregear, Melbourne- Arts Degree
– Conductor and musician
– Has taught at University of Queensland at Queen’s College, Cambridge
2 German Composers
1998 Margaret Hamilton
– Margaret currently works at the Australian Embassy in Berlin as Arts Marketing Officer
Arts Management and Arts Relationships in Germany
1997 Simone Whetton
– In 1997, Simone was a lawyer at Clayton Utz
Opportunities for reciprocal business between Australia and Germany
1996 Carolyn Batt
– In 1996 Carolyn was a lawyer at Blake Dawson Waldron
– Now a Fleet Street journalist
Constitutional law issues and media in Germany
1995 Benjamin Ford
– HR Arts Graduate, Perth
Industrial relations at motor vehicle manufacturing plants in Germany
1994 Anna Funder Re-assessing history: The Stasifiles
1993 Patrick Quirk
– Current assistant Professor of Law at Bond University
International Trade
1992 Marcus Ziemer, Melbourne Comparison of Constitutions
1991 Suzanne Holt Nutrition & Dietetics